Programmed Cell Death: nastier Streetcleaners?

Programmed Cell Death is a pretty obscure project which sadly seems not to have been active now for several years. Its output consists of one short three-tracks demo, Parasite, and a full-length, Pale Reflections.

While the former possesses a more experimental and even playful nature which reminds a little of James Plotkins's O.L.D., Lo Flux Tube era, the latter seems to have a more established and mature tone throughout. The formula isn't the most original, but it's effective at what it does: taking that side of Godflesh more leaning towards dark ambient music than traditional rock/metal and making it even nastier. One should think of the clashing beats drowned in delayed feedback of tracks like Devastator and Mighty Trust Crusher off Streetcleaner.
The fewest sprinkles of melody, hidden under a mountain of dirty, mechanical rhythms, pounding riffs and textures of distortion and guitar feedbacks. No vocals and apparently no humanity whatsoever left in these compositions. Few sunrays cut through a world of shadow and ruin.
It's really a shame that this project seems to have completely disappeared from the radar.

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