Human Bait's Sludge is too much for my ears

Thanks to the guy from Zaraza, whose suggestions I always take into consideration, I found this extravagant piece of harsh industrial/noise by a completely unknown band.
Human Bait's Sludge punctures the ears, so it's better to be prepared for a challenging listen. Rewarding, though. It's an interesting mixture of the harshest black metal (early Mayhem, maybe) and noise/power electronics à la Merzbow. As I understand from the band's own words of introduction to the album (in Spanish, so not very much), they also seem to confirm this, judging by their admitted influences.
Come to think of it, somebody somewhere (...in summertime?) had to get the idea to merge the two most inaudible and listener-harrowing genres of music of our age.
Everything here is drowning in distortion. Tortured human screams seem to be desperately trying to make their way up above this sea of harshness, but that's as much human it gets.
Too bad there's nothing about this project on the Internet and this work seems to have been a solitary effort.

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