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I've been listening for a while to Candiru, a long forgotten industrial metal project which was part of Relapse's roster in the early Nineties.
They only released the Unloved And Weeded Out album before disbanding. Too bad, because they really were something on their own among the legion of Godflesh and Ministry clones of those years. They put together massive, Sabbath-y guitars and tones with the most experimental and bizarre kind of industrial. Their demented sampling is also noteworthy.
Anyway, Canadian electronic and experimental label D-Trash somehow managed to obtain a lot of their unreleased material and put together two compilations, available for free download like most of its catalogue.
Piscatorial Terror consists of a four track demo and an entire live show. The sound quality of the former is very raw but thoroughly enjoyable, while the latter's is a little weak and confused but still pretty good considering also that it's the only live material available from the band.
Unreleased And Dug Out is, instead, a collection of demos of both released and unreleased tracks. Most of them are instrumental only. The sound quality is, again, pretty raw but for this kind of stuff I don't think that's any detrimental.
While scouring the D-Trash catalogue, something along these lines that I found pretty enjoyable is Unitus's No Gods, No Masters. Again, this is a compilation of unreleased material but really sounds like a proper album. An interesting breed of digital hardcore à la Atari Teenage Riot, the industrial metal of Godflesh and Ministry and a little Skinny Puppy.

On the other opposite of the industrial metal genre's spectrum, right now I'm also enjoying the last Dope Stars Inc. album Terapunk. As the title suggests, it's a little rawer and more immediate then their usual. Also, a bit of a detachment from the previous Ultrawired, which I really loved and featured a massive use of bitcrushing and cheaptune synths to capture that Eighties inspired atmosphere of science fiction and retrogaming feel.
Their entire output is also downloadble for free from their Soundcloud profile, as is Hacking The Waves', a side project of Victor Love more focused on electronics.

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