Acque Reflue Vaginali

So I have a friend who is basically the most unbelievably beautiful girl in the whole universe, ever.
Not the spoiled, self-absorbed kind of beautiful woman, too: rather the kind that doesn't even need to be that inaccessible because she's so beautiful that nothing and no one could ever get to her. Or, the kind that could have the whole world kneeling before her begging for mercy with just a single look, but instead she dyes her hair Black No. 1, covers her body with tattoos and piercings, listens to atrocious stuff like Six Feet Under and Amon Amarth, plays MMPORGs all day long, gets wasted every given saturday night and drinks more beer than your average Viking biker.
You've got to love that, right?
However, some could think that such a lifestyle is a serious recipe not to pass the thirties' mark. Not unscratched, at least.
Generally, I would agree: but I must mention that this girl is also smart. Not "I understand your obscure, nerdy jokes" smart, but rather the "not only I understand your obscure, nerdy wit but I can turn it against you so that you understand who's in charge" kind of smart. Given these premises, I trust she'll be fine, or better than me anyway, way beyond said mark. 

Well, last night she gave me that single look and told me to check out what must be her new boyfriend's band or something: so here I am blogging about them, what was left of my integrity and pride swallowed, digested and properly flushed down the toilet.
Anyway, I could have done worse. Acque Reflue Vaginali (so they are called) are an Italian grindcore band of the silly kind. They've released a record called Orifizi di orientamento.
They have the remarkable quality to make fifteen minutes seem much longer: if that's a good thing or not, I wouldn't know. Another thing that struck me was the presence, unheard of in the genre at least to my memory, of what may be an ukulele. I could be mistaken, though, because, goes without saying, the sound is very bad.
I must say, a lot of the silliness on the album seems pretty well conceived and I especially enjoyed the surf/rock'n'roll intros.
Somehow, a perfect album in its own way.

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