Best Contaigeon of the worst kind

I had never listened to something this tainted since 1996's Quake soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails.

Of course we're here in a different territory, sonically speaking. The origin of Contaigeon can be traced obviously enough to Blessed Are The Sick and Covenant era's Morbid Angel. In fact, it's not like they add much to what was already going on there. They probably didn't even mean to: not to say this sounds like a cheap ripoff, but rather a heartfelt tribute.
What Contaigeon put in that sets them apart from the legions of death metal bands out there whose ambition is merely to be variations on themes played by others before is the intensity and the natural feel they do it with.
In other words, Contaigeon don't sound like covering Morbid Angel's most tainted output but like they went on from where the latter had stopped, as legitimate heirs.

I've come across this, oddly as it seems, from Silent Hill. My obsession with that game brought me to Brooke Johnson's The Axis Of Perdition, a project which drew much influence from Silent Hill's imagery. From that I discovered his other projects, including Hesper Payne and Halo Of The Sun.
Turns out this guy, aside a prolific musician, is also a terrific producer and Contaigeon's Death At The Gates Of Delirium sure must be one of his best works.
The production and on the album is perfect. It could be described as the equivalent of early Nineties' Earache sound, driven by a nasty, aggressive, mid and treble rich guitar tone (here's an example), transported today. Which means: lows, and clarity. But forget the crystal clear and aseptic modern metal production: this is more like a controlled mudslide. Chaos, but in control. No nastiness sacrificed, indeed.
There's hardly one instrument that sounds like at his place but everything flows together creating the massive impact of a collapsed side of a mountain slowly sliding downhill.
The cohesive performance of the musicians is also remarkable: manically intense without being manically exact.

I'm really enjoying this gem of putrescent sludge.

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